Monday, September 17, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hola Familia,

Yeah it would be nice to sleep every once in a while, but it is alright without a nap. Yes, my church schedule is going to stay the same like always at 9:00. There was a volcano in Guatemala that erupted?? Ha-ha, I didn’t feel anything. I know there was a tsunami in Costa Rica or something that shook here a little but not a whole lot. I didn’t feel it but my companion did. But no, there hasn’t been ash or anything. What is the place called where it erupted?? 

Yeah addiction is not a winning life at all. It is horrible to see the drunks all over the place, and some that are members and have wonderful families. It just kills me. And then some say ¨sorry I didn’t grow up in a perfect life in the United States¨ And when one drunk said that to me I went off on him!! But I think he got the point after! That is the biggest problem we have in this mission and I think it is all of Guatemala. But it’s tough! Yeah, I am staying here in the same area! And I am happy about it because I wanted to stay here! I like this ward a lot! I didn’t like it at first but now I love it! The assistants said that I will be happy with my new companion, so I have no idea who it is! Ha, we will see tomorrow. I probably won’t recognize any of the boys in our ward when I get home!!  It sounds like they have really grown up. Today I have here in Guatemala for 13 months.

Yeah these next couple weeks here are going to be hard, because there is a fair here that everyone goes to. Like they let schools out to go! Ha so it’s going to be crazy! And we can’t go :( but oh well I think on the 15th we have to stay in the house, which isn’t fun, but it’s interesting! Ha-ha, what kind of Greek food did you try at the Greek Festival[?? I am excited for my new companion! We have some investigators that can get baptized! And we are going to get to work! I am excited!! Thank you for all you do for me!! Love you!! Miss you! 
Elder Carter

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