Friday, October 5, 2012

September 17, 2012

 Concerning that volcano that erupted in Antiguaoh well it is pretty far away from us. A good 6 or so hours by car. But I guess there was another one that erupted closer to us and we had to take precautions but nothing happened. Thank you for finding out about the scriptures. In a couple of weeks I will be buying them when they finish them, so you will see the money come out again. But it will be like 60 or 70 dollars I think like 50 something, but just to be sure :) 

Wow it sounds like you are having a blast Mom and Dad.  Mom don’t try being to rebellious now!! We don’t want you to get hurt again! Ha 

Yeah I got my new companion!  And it is the gringo that was in the office with me! Elder De Lora, he is from Fresno California.  He is super fun and I didn’t believe that we were going to be companions again! Ha-ha, but here we are. And we both had broken feet at the same time in the office. But we are doing work! We found a couple new families and we are working hard! There is this super rich family we found!!! They have 3 cars and a nice house! Their TV is bigger than Jeff’s! But they are awesome! We found them this week and they just had a baby! We are going to work hard with them! And president gave us a new plan and we have to work a lot with the less actives because there are so many here in the area! Well in Guatemala there are tonsof members but a lot of less actives. In our ward there are like 600 members, but active are like 160 more or less. Elder De Lora will be a good companion! But I think I will only be with him for one change which stinks because it would be nice to be with him longer! 

Thank you for sending those things!! I am going to enjoy it a lot!! :)) And I owe some members some American treats still! I just barely completed 13 months mom. haha Alright the leather thing for the wall I will have him make the temple and a couple other things on it. It’s really pretty! Alright that would be great to go to the Greek Festival next year!! :) 

Well because of the fair we had to stay inside on Friday night. Ha there was a huge party for Independence Day here. So there were going to be a lot of drunks! But we haven’t seen the fair. It’s in our zone but we can’t go! I guess it’s kind of dangerous! I would like to go to see what its like! But maybe some other time! Well we are going to be working with this new plan and working with the menos activos!! And it will prepare me for my life at  home where almost all of my family is less active! Well thank you for everything! 
Love you! 
Elder Carter

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