Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29, 2012


Yes I got transferred to Huehue. It is pretty close to Mexico. I am in the zone 7 here in Huehue, so that should give you a better idea where we are! But yeah, there is an area in the other Huehue zone that they go to Mexico to do their grocery shopping! M new area is cool! It’s a lot hotter so the people don’t wear as much clothes... but we still wear the same! My new companion is elder Ube from Ecuador, he is cool! He really knows what he is doing. We came in the same group! And we get along great together. He reminds me a lot of Josh Dalton. Our house is about the same size as the other one we had. It’s pretty big and we only have one bathroom now. But at least we have one right??

Yes I have a funny story about the trip to Xela. So we did get to go to the baptisms!! But we had to come back here on Sunday morning early. And we had a meeting at 8:00 am in Huehue, so we woke up at 4:00 am to walk to the bus and get on at 5:15 am.  Then we woke up an hour later when the guy came to charge us for the bus, and we weren’t on the right bus ha-ha, we where in the mission Reu, where Jared Lancaster served and we were going in the opposite direction of where we wanted to go. So we had to get off and get on another bus to go back to Xela and then another one to Huehue.  We got back to Huehue at 11:30....... ha-ha we missed sacrament and half of the second hour. (Our meeting starts at 10) but we were in the bus for 5 hours that day and it was a tiring trip!! I sent you pictures of the baptism and Reu.

The sister missionaries cover the whole stake?? That’s crazy! Jack and Eric are in the primary with you? That will be fun! Is Melanie Loomis still in the primary? 
Hylun broke his arm?? Ouch!! That stinks! I only broke my thumb during football!! So I was ok. How was the snow?? Believe it or not, I miss the snow! We don’t get our own visas here, the church does it!! Yeah I am here in Guatemala so I don’t have to do anything for my visa!!

4,000 a week putting in their mission papers is a lot of missionaries!! Our mission president told us that 60 missionaries were coming here in the next month! And the biggest group had been like 22 ha-ha, now 60! That’s crazy! There will be a lot of areas open!! In Xela Central the members would buy us fast food and pizza and I even had Little Ceasers for the first time. And now there is a member who owns a restaurant here who makes Cafe Rio burritos!! ha-ha :) so I haven’t had a problem with food in the last 7 months :)

Well we didn’t make it to sacrament so I don’t really know how I like the ward! It seems alright for the classes that I was in! But we will see next week! Being a missionary and a zone leader is enough so I don’t really need another calling! But next week we are going to help with the mission prep class and that will be fun! Yeah that sounds like the primary program turned out nice!! This week was the program in Xela Central as well! But I couldn’t go.  I was thinking about what you could send me for Christmas since you asked.  Maybe some chocolate oranges, raspberry sticks, cheeze-its (white cheddar), Mentos. I can’t really think of a whole lot, maybe more peanut butter and beef jerkey!! :) I don’t really need anything. More than anything I want a picture of the WHOLE family for Christmas! That would be nice! Maybe in front of the tree and stocking or something! :) but thank you for everything! love you guys!!
Elder Carter

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