Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 22, 2012

Hello family!! 

Ha-ha 30 girls with their mission papers in in one singles ward? Really?? Ha that is crazy! And that is only from one singles ward; imagine all of them all over the world! Ha-ha, yeah less distractions for me when I get home!  But that is great about Chase and you will have to let me know where he goes and Caleb also!! Tim is the president of the Elders Quorum ?? Wow! That’s good! Ha good ol Dave Kadleck over the sports for the Stake.  He will be great!

It sounds like you are working in the Lords work! That is good! I am excited for you guys! Are there only sister missionaries in our ward? Or are they in the stake?

That’s great that Hylun’s team beat Alta! But yeah I remember when you would get kind of upset with the refs! Ha-ha, but that’s how the parents are!! Since you asked what I want for Christmas; I would like some boxes of raspberry sticks and chocolate oranges, and sunflower seeds, and I’m not sure what else.  I will think about what I would like and let you know! I don’t really need anything. Yeah so I got changes :( we had them today on Monday, and so 4 hours of my pday was spent taking my stuff to the new house. Ha-ha, 3 hour bus ride....... not the funnest! Ha-ha, but I am now in Huehuetenango. It is the hottest zone in the mission.  My area is called Brasilia and I am still zone leader here with elder Ube from Ecuador.  He came with me to the mission at the same time. But it’s hotter here, it was raining a little today and I still felt the difference!! Yeah I would also be ready for a rest if I were dad, its a good thing Utah doesn’t have Guatemalan weather or he would be doing lawns all year long!!

The baptisms for next week are on but I won’t be there :( but I think they are going to let be go back to the baptism. They did the changes today because there are protests tomorrow at 4 caminos which is the main road for the busses! So we had to do the changes today! But I hope I can go Saturday to the baptisms!! But it is officially dry season! And it was getting colder in Xela, but now I am in Huehue so here it will be hot!! Rusty is back from his mission?? That’s funny about josh Oliver and the climbing in the mountains on his mission!! Well that kind of stinks, but that’s what it’s like here in this mission too :) yeah I can’t believe how little time I have left either!! I don’t feel like it at all! But yeah tell everyone I say hi!! That’s good that dad is getting good use out of the Guatemala shirt! Ha-ha I’m glad he likes it! Yes, I can make some Guatemalan dinner when I get home! It will be good! But I love you guys too!!! And miss you a bunch! 
Elder Carter

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