Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 12, 2012

Hello!!! :)
Yes there was a big earthquake but nothing happened to us. Ha-ha, we felt it here and it was strong!! It was 7.2 and it was like 45 seconds long. But it was bad more in San Marcos, which is part of Reu mission where Jared Lancaster was.  In our area nothing was destroyed or hurt but in parts of Xela and San Marcos it was bad, but it was really far away from me. But we still felt it strong!! The strongest one I have ever felt!! Ever!  The buildings were shaking! But here nothing was destroyed so we don’t do anything to help. In Reu they will be helping a lot!! I miss the snow!! Ha that picture of the snow made me so happy! The time feels like it’s always the same! Here it is the same because the weather doesn’t change. But that sounds like fun for dad, he stops mowing so he can start shoveling :) ha thanks for the pictures!! 

Yeah Josh Dalton is doing well on his mission! And Josh Loomis is a deacon?? How old is he? Is he getting bigger??  You guys are just doing a bunch of temple work!! That’s great!! I still haven’t gone to the temple :( I want to go! But now it’s so far away! So it’s hard to go down!! It’s like a 3 hour bus ride, which we have to make this Wednesday for the zone leader counsel! Ha, that will be fun :/ 

Laurel told me she was going to invite you guys when she opens her mission call! So you will probably get a call this week sometime! Ha, but I hope she goes where she will need to learn Spanish!! Then we can speak in secret! Ha-ha and no one will know what we are saying! 

Well at least dad’s foot wasn’t too bad! Because if it was you would have to hire one of the neighbor boys to shovel all the snow!! Elder Rios has the hip problem, well the doctor said that he had to use crutches and take some pain meds, but that he was just inflamed a little, so he is doing a lot better now! And they have gotten out to work!  

 There zone took a P-Day trip to the Mayan runes.



We had 8 investigators in church on Sunday and there were a couple that bailed the last minute! But we have a lot of investigators that are really positive!! We are excited!! We actually had a crazy week!! In one of the investigators house there is a guy living there from Honduras who was working with the missionaries and he said he was getting prepared to be baptized and he only had 5 days left, but someone assaulted the missionaries in his area, and so they took the missionaries out and he didn’t get baptized!! So he says he wants to get baptized here! And we found a bishops mom who also was preparing to be baptized and didn’t get baptized, and in our ward we don’t have a pianist and we found this guy who contacted us and wants to play the hymns in our ward who isn’t a member ha-ha, so it’s been a crazy week! Super interesting! And we have a lot of investigators progressing! It is an awesome feeling!! That Ademar Argueta guy that we found last week has gone to church 2 times now and loves it! He is super positive and always makes comments like we will always be with you ha-ha. Yeah it sounds like Landon is having fun!! Yeah I don’t feel like I have been out so long!! It really is going by so fast!! Some days I miss home, but other days there just isn’t time to miss it!!
Yes, the Noel’s must have a testimony to be so positive on their mission with all the uncomfortable conditions. Ha-ha you guys are funny!! But I love you guys!!! Miss you!
Elder Carter!

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