Friday, October 5, 2012

October 1, 2012


  No I haven’t gone to the office yet to see if I had any packages. But we are going to go a little later and I think it will be there! :) If its not, I will let you know next week! Ryan got robbed?? That’s kind of scary! Here there are a couple cases when drunks have tried to fight missionaries but its not really a threat! It’s funny! I am sorry to hear that Bishop Garhart’s wife died. It is very sad!

That Mexican coca cola sounds like it would be good! Maybe I will have to try that sometime! Ha, but when I get home we will be drinking a lot of horchata! Have you tried rice with milk??(arroz con leche) its super delicious! You should look up a recipe and make it.  It is something that I love here!

The small family that came to church didn’t come this week. They had been living in that room for a few months and I don’t think they paid rent and the owner kicked them out! So we have no idea where they went or where they are living. The ward here helped them out with food, but they agreed they weren’t going to help them with rent because they weren’t going to church before and they aren’t married. I understand why the ward can’t give them everything because there are a few people that have just gone to church to get food and its hard. Because we would like to help everyone but sometimes there are tests and trials that they have to pass through!  So it’s hard to see, but it is true they need to be faithful in the church to get God’s blessings.

We are playing soccer every morning! Ha, but my shoes are wrecked! Ha-ha, they aren’t really shoes anymore so I am going to get some new ones today I think! But we get exercise!  We made wingers and pineapple upside down cake at the bishops’ house this week! Soooooooo good! It made me think about home a lot! But it was delicious! And yes the members still feed us lunch! And this last week we ate with the members for dinner too almost everyday! Ha-ha, well with the less actives and the Bishop. So we are getting plenty of food! It’s hard not to get fat here in this area! Yeah it sounds like a long summer! Here if dad had his lawn jobs, he wouldn’t get any business because there is no grass! Ha and if there is the people cut it with a machete!

That is good that Hylun is still doing football! That will be fun to watch him this next year!! The Layton’s have been temple presidents for 3 years?? Wow! Time flies! Jared is getting home from his mission this month?? Wow! That’s crazy! But yeah this week was amazing! We did work! We found a lot of less actives and we are working with them and with the new plan from President Bautista! It is a great plan! We are trying to get the less actives involved in the mission work! Ha it’s a great plan! And I don’t want to leave my area because with Elder De Lora we are working hard and having success! We have a lot of positive investigators and I hope they don’t change me from this area for at least another change! That would be ideal! :) But thank you for your prayers, we can feel them! We are having a lot of success. We had 6 investigators at church and we found a new part member family where the husband is less active, but we are activating him! And that’s who we were searching for yesterday when we got soaked and had to pass over a river! Hah, the whole street was a river! It was crazy! But we finally found the house after an hour of looking! It was bad! And I was cold and wet. We almost went home to change, but then one of the members called us and told us where it was at and we found them. So we got his house all wet. But it was probably the nicest house that we have seen in all of Guatemala! Ah, a great week!!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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