Friday, October 5, 2012

September 24, 2012

Did you love the dedication?? Yeah we got to go to the one in Momos when they dedicated the Xela temple!  Well that is great that you are doing work in the temple! I get to go to the temple soon! I am super excited!! There is a party in the heavens!! Ha now Aunt Gayle, Uncle Bill and Richard will have that blessing of the sealing! That’s awesome! Yeah here is the same way as Siberia, just a huge bus system! It’s nice but kind of crazy sometimes! We take busses if we go far or if not we just walk! But sometimes it’s nice to have a bus! Kelly died???? I remember him, but eventually the drugs will kill you, if not directly they will be connected to it somehow. Yeah there are a lot of less actives but this plan will help them realize the blessings of the gospel! Which is nice for them! The Whites have served for 9 years in their Salt Lake Mission?? Ha wow! That’s a long time! I cant believe I have been out here so long! It’s crazy!! But now the time is going by even faster with my new comp! We are doing work! We have found 2 families and 1 part member family! So we are excited to work with them!! We feel like they could progress! And we have found a lot of new investigators so we should be having baptisms soon! In October for sure we just don’t know how many! But we are doing work! I didn’t feel this week at all! It went by so fast! That part member family we found moved here from Momos and they don’t have anything! They don’t have jobs they live in a house like 9X4 its super small and they don’t have a bed or food anything. They shared 2 pieces of bread in between the 3 of them and that’s 2 adults and 1 kid. It was super sad! I wanted to cry when I was over there. But there are trials that are so hard to see! I wanted to give them money but we can’t! It’s hard! But they came to church and we are hoping to help them out! :) 
Yeah I will enjoy the package! Thank you so much! Mexican coca cola?? Ha-ha that’s interesting! 
But I will let you know when I get the package1! But I love you guys a lot! And miss you! 
I love the mission! It will be hard when the time comes and I have to leave! This week I really felt like a missionary! We have been working really hard! So we will see the blessings! 
Elder Carter

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