Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hello Everyone,
Yes I got the package you sent and it was full! Thank you! I have been sharing the candies with some members and with my companion and the Reeces pieces were the first to go ha-ha. But the members love the candies! Yeah we got to watch all of conference! It was awesome! :) Yes that is awesome that the men and women can go earlier on their missions! There will be a lot of people coming on a mission in the next couple months. Yeah I have been in a couple of earthquakes here! They are exciting! It’s crazy to feel them!

Yeah I will have to make you guys some Guatemalan food when I get home! And we can go to the Guatemalan restaurant which will be fun! I can show you what is good! :) But the pineapple upside-down cake and the wingers I made were delicious! The bishop’s family loved it! The bishop loves food like that! And then on Saturday in between conferences, we ate with the bishop and we ate a whopper combo meal, a Jr. whopper combo and a “ shake it salad” from Burger King!! Ha-ha I was so full!!!!!!!!!! It was so much food!! But it was so good! It’s only the second time of eating burger king in Guatemala for me. I think I am getting fatter!! Ha-ha we need to do more exercises! But I think I am getting changes in 2 weeks :( I don’t want to leave!!!! But yes, I got new shoes! Some really nice Jordan’s for 100 quetz which is like 12 bucks for like 200 dollar shoes.

I hope Justin can wrestle!! That would stink if he couldn’t. Kimberly is a sophomore already?? really???? How is she liking it? Jared Lancaster is already going home? He goes home with elder Celis my ex companion. They go at the same time.
The missionary work is great here! We have like 9 progressing investigators and we are going with them to be baptized this week! So we are hoping for the best! We went working with president this week and had a great lesson with that rich family Lopez, and I love sharing the first vision! Every time that I share the story of the first vision, I feel so strong and peaceful! It is the best thing in the world!! There isn’t another feeling like it!

Yeah, it’s raining a lot still but not as much as last Sunday! But still rains everyday!
That’s good that Jordan is ok after his car accident! Does Anne want to go on a mission soon? It would be great! Is Caleb going soon? Is he 18?? Has he graduated high school? Ha-ha, so is Hylun killin it out there in football? Is he in 9th grade??? Have you gone to his games yet??

What was your favorite talk in conference??? I loved them all but I really loved Holland’s talk!! And we had to watch it in Spanish and it just wasn’t the same! It’s different watching it without the voices! It’s hard, but it was amazing! I love you guys!!
Elder Carter

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