Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

Mom and Dad, that is great that you are ward missionaries!!! So what is it exactly that you will be doing? Are they families that aren’t members??? Or part member families? Weren’t they going to call you to do that like a couple months ago?? But that should be a great calling for you! You are good at talking to people :)
Yes that is really sad about Janice’s daughter!

Yeah I will be willing to make some Guatemalan food for you guys when I get home! There are some things we can’t make in the states because we don’t have the equipment! Ha-ha, you will have to come here to try it! Well Laurel actually told me last week that she was going to go on a mission and she is sure about it! So that’s pretty cool!! :) I wonder where she will go!! There will be a lot of younger sisters in this mission. Yeah we are also going to go over all the conference talks!!! It will be good! We are going to get copies from the internet place and its cheap here.... I’m not sure if it’s legal in the states, but here it is.

It is too bad that they took the cars away in Gentry’s mission.  At least he got a bus pass. But yeah we never had cars or bikes to take away and here there is no such thing as bus pass, you just have to get on and pay ha-ha. That will be a fun Christmas activity. While you are there at the family activity, you should get a picture with the whole family at the party! I would like to see everyone! :) We are going to have a Halloween party in our ward!! We are planning the whole thing because it’s not something they celebrate here!

But president told me that I was going to stay longer in this area! :) He said maybe not a whole change but for a couple weeks to finish the work I started! But we do have a couple baptismal dates!!! For the 27th of October!! I am excited! We have really positive investigators! The baptisms didn’t happen this week, but the 27th we are going to baptize 3 or 4!! :) Then the 10th of November we will baptize 1 or 2 more! So we are doing work! Yes all of the treats you sent are gone! Hah, I shared a lot of them! The people here love things from other countries! It’s interesting to try the different candies. That is great that you are going to get dad’s family’s temple work done!! Has it already been a year since Grandma Dorothy passed away? That’s crazy how time flies!!! But I love you guys!! Miss you! Work hard in your new calling!! Love,
Elder Carter

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