Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 19, 2012

Overlooking Huehue

None of the areas that are in our mission were bothered by the earthquakes. So all of the missionaries here are fine! :) Yeah it was cool but I didn’t know what to do so we got close to the window and looked outside ha-ha, which I guess you aren’t supposed to do.

Yes, I heard Laurel is going to Argentina!!! That is so cool!! :) She is going to learn Spanish, but it’s a super different Spanish! Only 4 weeks in the MTC? Is she going to Provo or the MTC in Argentina?? Yeah she will love the mission!! Caleb sent his papers in too? That’s great! I didn’t even know he sent them in already! It sounds like the ward Christmas party will be fun.  Let me know how the talent show part goes. For Christmas you should send Reeses pieces because my companion has never tried them!! Ha so that would be nice :) It sounds like the family Chrismas party will be a blast!! Ha :) 
How is Melanie with her 2 boys out on missions??? That would be hard huh? 

Our investigators are great right now!! We found a new family this week! Ha-ha, well my companion was hungry and so we stopped to buy some chicken, and we started talking to the family who lives right next to the church!! And they said they have always wanted to go to our church but have never had anyone to go with! So they said they would go with us to stake conference! And we went to search for them and they weren’t at home :( but we walked into the chapel and they were already there!! We were all sad because they weren’t home, but it was great because they went early to get a good seat! :) And we should have 1 or 2 baptisms this weekend! :) One guy from Honduras and the other one that we found contacting a couple weeks ago! He is super awesome! But he has a lot of health problems!! Which is why he couldn’t go to church on Sunday, but he has already been 2 times! And there is a family that we were going to baptize this weekend, but we found out they aren’t married and they can’t get married because the husband needs to get a divorce from the first wife... but the first wife wants him to live in sin all of his life so she doesn’t want to divorce him. Ha so they won’t be getting baptized right now. But they want to change and get married which is great! And nothing is impossible with God!! 

Yes it is the dry season! It is super hot all the time! But at night super cold!! Well.. there is no snow! Ha-ha. We eat at that Zumbas restaurant everyday except Saturday and Sunday. And he always has good food and sometimes we eat dinner with the investigators. There is a family that never lets us leave without eating!! Ha-ha 
Here they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but the guy from Zumbas is going to make us a thanksgiving dinner!! :) This will be Thursday! I am excited for that!! The mission doesn’t celebrate it though!! Which stinks, but we will here in Huehue! 

I don’t know if the mission president is going to hold the packages this year because there is no Christmas party this year! But we will see! And yes I will let you know when to call for Christmas when it gets closer. I would like to Skype you guys!! :) But I have to see if they let us this year!! I will let you know when it’s closer. Yeah I’m sure that Rachel will miss Laurel a lot!!! But the time will go by fast!! 

Yes, there are always elders in every zone that struggle with obedience ha-ha, that is normal! But Landon will be able to get them into order!! It is hard but not impossible! He just has to correct them with love! That is the only way you can do it! But I love you guys!!! Miss you!! 
Elder Carter

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