Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 26, 2012

How was the Family Christmas party?? Sounds like fun! Everyone is growing a lot! Ha-ha, they are all so much bigger!! I loved the pictures! The thanksgiving dinner here was good... ha-ha but it wasn’t the same! I was just thinking about the thanksgiving dinner at home and I was super excited and I was a little disappointed because he told us that it was going to be all you can eat, but it wasn’t, and there was no stuffing! Ha-ha that made me sad. It was fun with all of the missionaries, just not the same. Sounds like you ate a lot of turkey!! 

You sent 2 packages?? Thanks!! I will be excited to get those!! Did you wrap the stuff? Or should I not open the box until Christmas?? Yes, Laurel is going to Argentina!! That’s so cool! She will speak Spanish a lot differently than me! Ha-ha, and yeah maybe we should have studied in Spanish class but oh well!! :) Yeah spiders are fun!! We haven’t found any big ones in my mission. But I have seen a lot of pictures of them. Maybe not as big as the one Ryan Wells saw on his mission (3 inches in diameter).

You are helping with all of the center pieces for the Ward Christmas party huh?? Ha well that’s interesting! Sounds like Carol will be putting you to work! Brownie sundaes for dessert sound super good!! Did dad go to Big 5 on black Friday?? Are the same managers there in Big5? I’m sure we will have a wonderful Christmas dinner!!! If not we will make Wingers!!

We almost never ride busses! Because everything is walking distance and the busses are more expensive here. They are Q 2.50 instead of Q 1.25 which is like 15 cents more, but it’s more expensive! We do get a lot of exercise here! We walk all over the place and  I have lost weight here! It is nice walking and I am use to it. There are a couple of places that are really far away that we take a bus to, but we don’t go up there a whole lot! it costs Q 15 to eat at Zumbas so its like 2 dollars, and we can get hamburgers and French fries, ribs, lasagna, enchiladas, Cafe Rio burritos, chicken, chicken burritos, he has a lot of stuff and it’s super cheap what he charges us! Ha-ha because it almost fills us up!! It is good! :) My last Mountain Dew? I don’t remember! But we aren’t allowed to drink drinks with caffeine! They banned it when I was in Xela, like right when I got there! But you can’t really find Mountain dew here, which is probably a good thing!

This week we baptized that man from Honduras! He is so awesome! He was so prepared! And he is planning on going to the states to work. He said, “I need to search the church where ever I am at”!! He is super awesome! I am going to miss him! He wasn’t supposed to leave until January, but he is leaving tomorrow!! But we should have more baptisms in December! We are working with a family and a couple of other investigators that will be baptized in December. We are excited!! And we are working hard. The members here don’t want to work with the missionaries. They hardly speak to the investigators in the church. That’s hard. If the ward is great and you take investigators to church they always get baptized, but we are working hard! 

Love you guys!! And miss you!! Just a month and we can talk :)) 
Elder Carter

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