Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 17, 2012


The wedding
Tell them I say hi as well!! I miss the Loomis family! Tell them hi!! I don’t know what pictures to put in!! We are baptizing and marrying a family on Saturday so I will send pictures next week!! :)
The Baptism
Yes, the less active members need help! I found that out here on the mission! But that sounds like Justin, always defending his sister! Well yeah let me know how that goes! Yes I got the 2 Christmas packages! :) thank you! I haven’t opened them yet! But I would like to! I am going to wait until the 23rd and 24th! One each day. But yeah, I sent you a package with the Christmas stuff! There was one thing I was getting dad that isn’t done yet so when I get it I will send it home! But the package is sent and will probably get there late... ha but I sent it ;) I haven’t gotten the letters from the ward yet but I’m sure I will before Christmas. We haven’t gone to Xela again yet! But hopefully they can bring us the packages before Christmas! Yes, that would be perfect at 7 pm on Christmas day and I won’t be able to skype :( but we will be able to talk on the phone! :)

Randy is super funny! That’s good though that he sent you a Christmas card! 40 degrees below 0 where the Noel’s are sounds cold!! Today we were out in the sun all day playing soccer on a big field! It was fun! But it was super hot!!! But at night it’s always cold here, maybe not so cold like there in Siberia!

We went this week as well to help a lady in our ward with building her house! And this next week we are also going to go help her with her house. These are service projects that we are supposed to do for the month of December and it is great that we are helping here! But everyone has gotten a lot of blisters on their hands. Ha-ha that is fun!
Our family Yoni and Jocelyn are getting baptized!! :) We are going to marry them and baptize them, they are great! And we have a of couple people for January, so the work is good!! :)
Love you guys!! We will talk on Tuesday!!!!! Miss you!
Elder Carter

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