Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 24, 2012


Yeah, I am so excited to talk to you guys on Christmas!!! Is there a time difference?? I thought it was the same? But yeah that would be better at 8 pm my time! We have dinner at 6:00 as well, so it will be perfect! :) Yeah so call me at 8 my time! :)

I haven’t written Casey since I was in my first area and I didn’t even know if he got my letter ha-ha. But I haven’t heard from him in a long time! If you run into him again you should tell him to write me on email! That’s great that they have the contract with Justin!!! That’s good that he can wrestle now! Let me know how he does! Brady is married?? When did he get married?

I am sure Randall will appreciate that package you sent! Have you told all the family members that I say hi?? Yeah I’m sure Laurel will like the Carmel apple!! Ha-ha I would also like one! And some of Laurels sugar cookies!

Yeah, I already opened the packages :) I opened them on Friday, but not all the way. I finished it yesterday. But thank you for all of the goodies!! I will enjoy those! And I’m sure that the other elders who sleep at our house tonight will enjoy them as well!! Well today we are going to watch Mulan and sing in the park, and play soccer, basketball and ping pong, then we will have a camp fire! :) It will be fun! And tomorrow we have until 2 to do what we want, so I think we will play more basketball and soccer! And then we have dinner super far away and the busses won’t be running, so we will be walking! :) Probably go visit Yony and Jocelyn for a little while! I gave them one of the chocolate oranges you sent! They liked it a lot!

I made the Christmas tree with packages of onion rings and that’s what we did last year in Momos! Tell Tim hi!! Ha-ha and I would love that picture of him with facial hair! Well this week was hard because everyone was out of town! But we have a couple families that we are working with! And they are awesome! They just went out of town so it was hard. But they will all be back this week! Everyone has a weird custom here. They put pine needles on the ground everywhere. In like every house, it’s kind of strange. We have been invited to eat with a lot of people! But we won’t be able to go with everyone! And I haven’t gotten the package with the letters from the ward yet, but we haven’t gone to Xela yet. And the president came here but didn’t bring the mail. So I don’t know if it’s there in the office. I will talk to you tomorrow!!!! :) love you!!
Elder Carter

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