Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 31, 2012

That’s great that you got the package I sent! Yeah, there are a couple things that I haven’t gotten yet, one thing for dad and one for Laurel. But I will get them and send them when I can, hopefully before Laurel leaves to Argentina. I’m glad that you liked the things that I get you. I knew you wanted a bag but the purple one you couldn’t really use for church so I got the colorful one for that! How long have you guys been sick?

That’s good that dad liked the Guatemalan ties! I have like 20 of those ties! Ha I like them a lot! I think they are super cool! That’s the material the ladies wear like dresses here. That is the typical clothing. It’s pretty cool!! Yes, it’s a whirlwind of missionaries from our ward! Thomas already has a year and a half!! Ha crazy huh? There is no snow here! It gets super hot during the day! It’s kind of chilly at night but it feels good! :) It’s not as cold as Utah! Ha-ha

It was super great to talk to everyone on Christmas!! It would have been great if we would have done Skype, but maybe the next time! There is only one more call before I get home! That is weird!

This week we found a family of 8 that is interested in the gospel! And we lost a family! And we found another excellent family that understood the restoration of the gospel and the Book of Mormon, but they are leaving for a month... we have lost a lot of investigators for the coffee trees. A lot of the investigators work in the coffee fields and drive for them! That is our challenge right now!
Love you guys!!
Elder Carter

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