Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 7, 2013

That stinks that you two are still sick! But hopefully you get better soon! But that’s good news about Caleb and Chase! For sure let me know where Chase is going! Where did Andrew go, I forgot??

Maurice is in the young men’s again? Ha that’s good! I hope I can be a young men’s leader one day! I miss the scout camps! You don’t know who the envelope was from? That’s nice to give me a gift when I’m not even home! But you should use it to help pay for the monthly money for the mission. I don’t need extra money here. Ha-ha, Sherrie’s dog Sissy is still alive? It would be nice if you could get pictures of them! That would be nice, and tell Sherrie I say hi! Yeah I think it’s so great that Laurel is going on a mission! It will be a long time, almost 3 years, that we won’t have seen each other. But yes, I will try to find the other gift! I haven’t found it in this area yet! So we will see when I can get it! Yes, her mission is only 18 months so I will only have to wait a year for her to get home.
My friend that is going to call you guys is from here.  His family lives in Xela Centro where I was at last. His name is Andre Reyes. He speaks English really well. And I told him to call you because he was living in Sandy.... so he is putting his papers in a week for his mission! And he would always go with us to contact and visit people here. It would be nice if you had him to dinner when Jessica and Chris can come over! That way Chris can speak to him in Spanish! But he speaks English perfectly!

Our new converts, Yony and Jocelyn are great!!  We always go eat at their house. Yony doesn’t have a job right now so the other elders and my companion and I, always go pay them to cook for us and that way they have a little income to buy some food. But he is getting blessed! He has had a couple offers to work, in things he doesn’t know how to do! So it is working out well for him! He is doing a lot better with smoking! He is preparing to receive the Aaronic priesthood, and they still don’t have callings yet, mostly for the smoking thing, but they will soon!

Colby is up to 6´2??? Wow! That’s crazy!! I don’t think I have gotten taller! But I weigh like 185. But I am going to start doing an exercise program because I am all fat and I don’t have any muscle! I know can you believe that I will only have 7 months left?? Ha it’s hard to believe! But the time is going by fast! This last week went by kind of slow but I think it’s because of the holidays, but now they are over! Thank goodness!!! Ha-ha, we couldn’t find like anyone this week and the people we found decided they didn’t want to progress so we dropped them! But yesterday (Sunday) we found a partial family and a couple other families that received us, so that will be good! We will be working with them!! We have an investigator named Nivia that will be baptized this month! We have been working with her so she could be baptized this week! So next Monday I will let you know how that went!!
Love you!!
Elder Carter

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