Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 14, 2013


Caleb is leaving Wednesday then?? Wow that’s great! Oh I miss Josh Jensen! If you see them again tell them to write me!

Yeah Andre told me as well that he had talked to you! He is great! Feed him well! His family would always give us food! And remind him about the choco pitufos ha-ha, he will like that! You can have him explain! Thomas is coming home in June?? The people from his same time period will be home on the 4th of July from my mission. And they entered in the same day.  But yeah Andre speaks English really well! He is a good kid, kind of reminds me of Gentry a little.

Oh that’s great that you guys are back square-dancing! So you must be feeling better. But now I remember that Andrew was going there!
Yes, Sherries dog Sissy is getting old!! Does she remember you guys?? That sounds like a great visit with Sherrie! Oh well at least dad tried to get the picture of Joy’s family. Yeah it sure sounds like its warming up in Utah..... Ha it’s still hot here. When did Joy get in the car accident? Well at least she lives close to you so that’s good! Where did she crash at? Ooohh roast sounds so good! When someone lives at home and has all the luxuries like homemade food, they don’t realize it until they don’t have it! Ha-ha or simple things like sandwiches! Ha I miss your home cooked food!

 Yeah Nivia got baptized! There is a picture of her. We weren’t sure if she was going to until Friday in the afternoon. Well actually our recent converts helped us put the date with her! We took Yony and Jocelyn to visit her, and Yony is awesome! He has such a strong testimony! So he gave the last word, that we need to have faith, and then she said she would be baptized! So we baptized her! But we still have a lot of work to do with her husband. He is never home because he works out of town, so it’s hard to teach him! But we have a couple of other promising ones for February. Carlos Rivas, he has been super positive since the day we met him! He said he wanted to be baptized, and he knows the Book of Mormon is true. And we have dropped a lot of families that don’t want to progress. But that’s how it is. We are going to try to work with Yony’s extended family! That would be great if we can! And I will have a new companion tomorrow and his name is Elder Chicas. He is from the capital and he has the same time in the mission as me! So it will be good to get to work with Elder Chicas.

Yony and his daughter are in the center
The gospel is so amazing!! A lot of people don’t realize it! But we have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and it says that people will wake up from a dream and be lost. And cut off from God. A lot of people think they have everything and don’t need anything more like the Book of Mormon. But they are so wrong! The blessings are innumerable, and Yony has a strong testimony of that! He is the best convert I have ever had!

Well this week I ate some different things. I ate pig eyes and pig ears. They were fried, but it was strange eating eyes and the ears as well. And we also ate possum! There is a picture of one that is alive and the dead one that we ate. But it was fun eating some different stuff!! Ha-ha, I love you guys!! Oh and also we went to the mirador again today. Here are the pictures we took. One has Yony up there with his daughter that still won’t shake our hands! Ha-ha
Miss you!
Elder Carter

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