Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 21, 2013

That is great that Caleb is starting his mission! The first day in the MTC was hard for me, but after that I loved it! He will love it! Yeah like my call said Spanish speaking, but I had to learn a little quiche! I’m not sure if Andre has turned his papers in yet. You will have to ask him. He was going to turn them in last week! Maybe he already has his call! But you will have to check him! They told us that they are sending us home late because there are so many missionaries we need to train! I know how you feel about the children. Little kids are the best!! :) Ha, they are hilarious! I love the little kids here! In the scriptures it always says that we should be as little children. But that’s great you are dancing! I hope you don’t wear yourselves out! 

It was good to baptize Nivia! And her husband will see her go to church with her 5 little girls and he will want to go! But we will see when he gets there! And my new companion, elder Chicas, is great! We are like exactly the same! This week was super fun! And we worked super hard. Elder Chicas works differently than me, but we have a mix of both styles and we will have a lot of success! He is super laid back, and he is always happy! The sad thing is I think I will only be with him 1 change. But maybe they will leave me 2 changes because they want him and me to train the new missionaries. And we have the same time in on our missions, but we will see what happens. This change is going to be 7 weeks because of all the new missionaries. And that’s why we are going home a week later. But he has a lot of goals before he finishes the mission, as well as I do. So we are working hard to reach those goals! It was a good week of work! 

Eating the pigs eyes was kind of weird , but the pigs ear wasn’t too bad. Ha-ha, you will have to come to visit and if someone gives you something you have to eat it or it’s really offensive! It’s a cultural thing. Like yesterday we had a couple visits with people from my companion’s old area, and we ate all day long.... but we couldn’t say no. Ha, well I am still full! I’ll just put it that way. Eating the possum was alright. I sent you one picture this week! We made baleadas with a member and the other elders in our area, Baleadas are flour tortillas with beans, eggs, cheese, cream, and meat. Yesterday we had longaniza, it’s pig meat, but they are super good! I will have to make some at home! Yeah I wish I could go to Laurel’s farewell! But at least I will be home for her homecoming!!

Thomas was talking to me about going to UVU. I’m not sure about going there. I would love to get into school for the fall semester!! But I don’t know if I will be able to get in, now that I am going home later, even less chance. What do you guys think?  Yeah I have something else for dad but this guy takes forever!! I’m glad that you all like the gifts I sent!! :) I’m sure the corte (ties) are a good conversation starter. I have about 20 or those corte ties. Yeah the pronunciation of the quiche book of Mormon is hard! Well quiche in general! But it’s really cool! Muhm (a language) is prettier. Quiche (Myan Indian language) is like super choppy in the throat, but muhm is smoother! 
Tell dad to stay on top of home teaching! It’s really important! :) Love you guys!!! 
Elder Carter

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