Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hey family!!!! 

Yeah I saw the pictures. It looks like you had fun with Andre when you had him over for dinner! Yes, he is a really fun kid. And I will let you know where he is going on his mission when I hear! Did it snow a lot?? That’s good they got to your house safe with the snow storm last Sunday! And that is great news about Chase!! What mission in El Salvador?? My companion from the MTC in Guatemala went there! That would be cool if they were companions! Does his mission include Belize? He will love the food in the Guatemalan MTC! It’s a lot different than the MTC in Provo. It’s a lot smaller but he will learn a lot more there than in Provo and he will like it! Did Chris talk to Andre in Spanish?? 

Yes, time goes by fast on the mission!  It’s crazy! 
The whole mission here goes home a week later! But that’s for the change of the missionaries. Like this change is going to be 7 weeks long, and then it goes back to normal! 

Yes, I was thinking that too, that I might go to SLCC another semester, because I will get home late August. So maybe until the next semester, because I also want time to live at home when I get back! But I don’t know what I want to do as a major yet! I find everything so interesting! I need to learn a lot! Ha but maybe agriculture, or something.... ha I have no idea! I would like to have a farm! But yeah if dad could talk to a counselor at SLCC about classes and that would be great to find that out! Just to know if I could sign up. I think all I have to do is go to the classes!

My companion and I set the goal to find a family to baptize and we found it! :) They went to church and they have baptismal dates for the 10th! :) It was a great week! His name is Pablo and his parents, Carmen, and I don’t remember the name of the dad, it’s really different, but Pablo is like 30 and his parents are older, and they live kind of far, up in the mountains! 

I was kind of sad this week too because Yony is going to go to the army. :( I am going to miss him a lot!)  He is like one of my best friends! He is so great! And they are going to move to the coast again, so he can be in the army. Yesterday we visited them with a bunch of the priesthood brethren! It was good! And after we went and made wingers at the 2nd counselor’s house. It was good! :)

Elder Martino is coming to visit us on Wednesday this week! And he might leave to work with us one day! Ha that would be intense, to work with a 70! But I miss you guys!!! It was great to see the pictures!! I saw the new picture of the temple in the living room. What temple is it? 
Love you!!!! 
Elder Carter 

P.S.  Here are pictures of us making an adobe house.  We got to make it with one of the investigators of the other elders in our ward.  It was fun!  I jumped right in!

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