Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2014

Hello Family!! 

Yes there were 2 members here that had their birthdays the same day as you! So I got to remember that well! :) Happy birthday Mom!  I am going to buy a rich carrot cake next week to celebrate your birthday for you:) That’s when we complete 18 months! Ha, so we are going to buy a cake.  My companion and I have the same time in the mission, so we will be able to celebrate together. 

Freezing rain? How does that work? James fell? Does he have a cast on his shoulder now? Yeah that’s good that you are alright after falling on the ice! I told you that you shouldn’t lose too much weight or that fall could have been a lot worse! That’s exciting that Andrew and Chase are both going out of the country to serve missions! School starts on the 21st of August? That means I will get home and have to go right back to school! I will have to sign up before! Or I will get dropped from the roster of my classes. But I will be able to go to school still I think! :) Don’t worry, I will live at home for a while after I get back and it will be good! Yeah I have missed eating your home cooking! I sent you some pictures of us when we ate with Yony and his wife. Yony is going into the army and so he killed 2 of his chickens and he made us a soup and spaghetti! They were awesome! I am going to miss Yony!
 Elder Martino came here, but he didn’t work with us. It was a great experience though. We had a conference with him on Wednesday, and then on Friday we had zone counsel with him. We were all over the place this week! And we have another zone counsel tomorrow. These weeks have gone by really fast! Yony left this morning! I was pretty sad!

We worked with that guy on his house like 2 days. But they haven’t asked us for our help since. They are investigators of the other elders. But we worked just the 2 days. Ha-ha tell Maurice to sign me up for High Adventure Camp!! But it depends on when they would do it! It will probably be earlier than the 22nd! Because the boys have to start school as well! Ha, but maybe the next time you can tell him!

We will have 4 baptisms on Sunday the 10th! It’s a family we found! My companion and I wanted to baptize on the day that we completed 18 months! :) Love you guys!! The work is great! 
Elder Carter

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