Friday, February 22, 2013

February 18, 2013


Thanks for the pictures you took at Laurel’s farewell! You all look great! :) How is Laurels family? Are they sad she is leaving? Yes, the carrot cake was extremely good! And so was the pizza! Well if everyone was willing to help shovel at the church, they would have that done super fast! I can imagine that it’s a very big job because it is a big church!

Wow, everyone is growing up super fast!! Ha-ha Kimberly is going to turn 17?? That’s ridiculous! My friend wants the CTR ring in English and he is size 9. Did you get the picture I sent you of the ring? If you wanted to, you could get me one too! :) Well I guess the family of six we were teaching, were looking for ¨help¨ but he was looking for money. So when we called him Sunday to see if he was going to go to church he said he had already found his help in another church, because we wouldn’t give money to him. And we had to drop Betty! It’s not her time yet.  She will get baptized but it won’t be with us! Ha, working with President Bautista and the Stake President was fun! It turned out great! We found 2 new families and one partial, so we had some success!

The 49ers played in the Super Bowl? When did the 49ers get good? I must have been gone a long time!! Ha-ha Costa Vida sounds good! Have you had Cafe Rio lately?

But the work is good! We are pretty much starting from scratch with investigators, but we have a lot of references to contact. Our new converts have given us like 20 references and they talk to everyone about the gospel! The family we baptized is pretty crazy! We always have a blast when we go over there! They have a blind grandma that lives there and a special girl, she is pretty crazy! She almost killed me with rocks! Ha, she throws hard! And they have been Evangelists like all their life, so whenever we pray they talk during it! And after the prayer, the oldest guy Epifanio says “gloria a Dios”. Or glory to God in English. It’s a funny house to be in! :) But my companion and I are working hard! And we have a lot of goals to meet in March! I love you guys!!
Elder Carter

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