Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25, 2013


Yeah boys get out of control sometimes huh? I can imagine how I was when I was younger!! Ha-ha, but it sounds like your Sunday wasn’t boring at least! Well there the Elders are working again on snow removal! But in March it will be the other wards turn right? The last time for maybe close to a year! Ha-ha hopefully! How much snow did you get? Where are the Woods going to move?? That’s good news about Ben and Joann. How are they doing by the way??

 Yeah I will send you the name of the picture... Laser Cut CTR Ring, size 9... That’s for Elder Rodriguez. I’m not sure what size I need.. Maybe I will wait to get home to buy one!

The work is going great!! This week I had some super spiritual experiences with other areas! I was running all over the place this week! It was crazy! I was really only in my area Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday! I was running around doing baptismal interviews and divisions. But we had some super powerful lessons with the district leader and we got to help his investigators be baptized! I got to see miracles happen this week! Super spiritual! And now I have learned a huge lesson. I knew it but I was trusting in myself too much, God is all powerful and I am nothing. Like Ammon said in Alma 26! It’s so true. I  love the mission!! :)

 Changes will be next week, the 5th of March.  They did it a week late because of all of the missionaries that have come in.  So we don’t know if we have changes still! We always do get good exercise! Ha-ha, we walk a lot! But I am getting chubby!! They give us a lot of food here!! Sometimes we have up to 3 dinners! It’s nice but I am getting fat! Yes, when I train I will get a missionary strait from the MTC! :)
I haven’t heard about Andres mission call yet but I will let you know when I do! I love you guys!! Miss you! I will send you pictures of the Laguna we went to today next week.

Elder Carter

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