Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4, 2013

Hello family!!
The family we Baptized last week

At Laguna Magdalena

Our Mission leader. He is Super Great!
           Are your boys in primary always rowdy?  I think I was also pretty rowdy right? :) But now I have changed. Well a little :)

Did Laurel write you back yet? I’m sure she will on p-day.  I miss the snow!! It’s been super hot here this last week. It was super hot except the last 2 days that have been freezing!  I don’t know what happened! But it’s been super cold the last couple days. But I like the heat and the cold. I got used to it! So I have had to sleep with sweat pants and a sweatshirt now, when before I didn’t even sleep with a blanket! Ha-ha.

Are you going to send a package for Easter too? Because I would love some Swedish fish and starburst jellybeans! :) Maybe some Reeses pieces too. That would be great! I had to buy a new back pack because mine broke. So today I bought one to use until the rainy season and then I am going to use the waterproof one that Christian Gomez gave me!

Did Taylor break anything? Or did he just role his foot bad?

Today there is time to share the spiritual experience... well we were talking to the lady who was going to get baptized with her kids and her friend, so it was the Mom of the kids being baptized. Her husband had told her that if she got baptized he would leave her and find another woman and family.. So she didn’t want to be baptized, and she didn’t take clothes or anything to be baptized in.  So we went to do the interviews and my companion did the interview of the friend, and I got to do hers. I started asking her a few questions and she started telling me about her husband and that she wasn’t going to get baptized, so I tried to convince her with the scriptures, and by asking her questions like why baptism is important. I used 1Nephi 3:7, and I explained about the Holy Ghost and how it was going to help her deal with her husband, and I used like 5 different scriptures, but she still wouldn’t budge. She said maybe next week after she sees how the baptism of her kids goes, but it wouldn’t be today. So I felt like I should ask her ¨if God tells you that you need to do it today will you? And she said yes, so I said “why don’t you ask him then”. So we knelt down there in that room and she prayed, and she was praying for like 10 minutes and was crying so hard her backpack was soaked... the spirit was so strong in that room! And then she finished and I felt like I shouldn’t say anything. So I didn’t and she sat there for 30 seconds more crying. And then she looked at me and I asked her ¨now how do you feel? ¨ And she said peaceful, calm, without problems. So then I asked her if God wanted her to be baptized today and she said ¨yes he does¨. So she got baptized and it was amazing!! That’s how I realized that I am nothing, my knowledge and my words aren’t anything. God can change anyone, and she got that answer and knew it. It was an amazing experience. :)

I have changes tomorrow! I didn’t want changes, because my companion and I get along really well and we work well together. But I am going to Quiche, to some village there. Ha-ha, but I don’t know where exactly or with whom. I wanted to go to Quiche so it will be good! I have never been there! But I will tell you more about it next week!
I love you guys!! Miss you! I appreciate everything that you have done for me.
Elder Carter
p.s. I am sending pictures in another email.

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