Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Hello family!! :)

Our little Chapel
Oh thank you for sending me goodies! Ha I probably won’t get the package for a while because I live pretty far with this last transfer! Yeah, I will probably get my package in April ha-ha, but I will get it! :) I am like 3 hours away from the mission home. There are a lot of stores in this area. This city is actually pretty popular and it has the biggest market in all of Central America. There are a lot of tourists that come here! We live in the city, but we cover like 84 little villages. The city is called Chichicastenango, and we are in a little branch. The attendance was 41 at church this week, and I had to prepare and bless the sacrament. But it’s awesome! I love it so far!

My new Companion and I
             My new companion is from Mexico.  He has 16 months in the mission, and he eats a lot of hot peppers. I was used to eating a lot of hot peppers from Huehue, so I was fine with eating it too. Now I can’t eat without hot peppers, or something spicy. It’s not as hot as in Huehue.

It is pretty normal weather here like earlier in my mission. It’s pretty nice. My new companion and I get along great! He seems pretty cool.  He is willing to work so I am fine with that! :) 
Yeah I have been out 19 months... ha its super weird!

It is getting hotter in Utah already? Here no one has yards, so the lawn mowing business would be dead here! Ha-ha, sounds like you had some fun at the Desert Star Playhouse!

Tom is going home 2 weeks early because of the amount of missionaries where he is at! Today Laurel emailed me and she said she sent me a letter. I know she doesn’t have too much time in the MTC to write.  

Spring break will be fun for you and dad since he doesn’t have to work all week! Here they have holy week and its crazy here.  They do like sacrifices and stuff. And here there is a huge grave yard and they always do like Mayan burning sacrifices here. It’s pretty crazy! 
But I love you guys!!! Miss you!
Elder Carter

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