Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013


Helping make Tortillas
Ok, I will let you know when I get the package you sent. It will probably be in April. But I got a video from the primary president from the stake and I didn’t recognize any of the kids.. Ha-ha. That’s good that you got a letter from Laurel!  She emails me a little here too! And I have sent her dear elders. But yeah Spanish is hard at first but she is going to get used to it! :) She will learn fast!

 I am pretty busy here and I am also a home teacher.... ha-ha.  I leave with the counselor from the branch on Saturdays and my companion goes with his son in law to home teach. It’s interesting and also we teach the gospel principles class. Well we take turns, one week the sisters here teach it, and the next week we teach it. So every other week we teach that class.  We also help the branch president count the tithing money and fast offerings. Ha-ha, so we help out a little. 

I found out that there are 87 villages, but I only have been to like 4 of them. It’s part of our area, but we don’t have to go there right now.  Some are like an hour away on the bus. We are here in the city and there are also sister missionaries here.  We haven’t really worked in the villages that much. This area is super advanced compared to my first area. Like in my first area it was all dirt roads and no city at all. But this area has city and even the villages have streets, so it’s pretty nice. And this area is like 10 times bigger than my first area!! It has a lot more people! 

The chapel is super small! Ha but there aren’t that many people here! If we have attendance of 75 or 80 3 weeks in a row they said they will make the chapel bigger. That is my goal before I leave here! 

My District
Yes, we are working hard! :) I am the district leader. We aren’t zone leaders. My companion is just my companion! But district leader has less responsibility than a zone leader, so it’s kind of nice! It does make the mission a lot better when I have a companion that is a hard worker! But I have been with every companion for a reason and I didn’t realize it then, but now I realize what I had to learn from each of them! 

I will be home on the 22nd of August. So I will be home soon after school starts, so sign me up.  I will have to get right into school after I get home! 

The work is great! We are working with some families and a guy named Erwin. He is pretty positive and he knows the Book of Mormon is true, but he doesn’t want to accept that the church is the only true one. So it’s kind of tough! But he will be baptized! We have a goal to baptize him this month! But we have to do it quick because holy week is coming up and no one will be home. That will be a hard week like last year was! But the work is good! Love you guys!! 
Elder Carter

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