Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

Hello!!!! :)

Are they going to do the baptism in our ward building or in the stake center for the two boys in your primary class?  Was dad the last person baptized in our building??

September 8th is my homecoming huh? Well that’s good! :) Well I’m excited to eat a ton of gringo food!!! Ha, I think it might make me sick though after eating this food so long! Ha, but we will see!! Tell everyone to cook their best dish for the “share the harvest” ward dinner!! :)  I will definitely be there.

No way?? Alex John is engaged? Ha that’s great!  Who is the girl? And when is the wedding? I’m sure every one of the kids in our ward is a lot bigger now! It’s going to be weird coming home and seeing them again, they will just look a lot different!

So did the elder from Germany have to learn English?? Yeah and he will be going home like the same time as me! But for a missionary effort, you could also invite the neighbors over for like a BBQ and invite the missionaries. Food always helps the situation. Or service is always good. Or to have a family home evening and you can do a little game and a message, that’s nice, and then finish with food! :) Food has always worked for us! Everyone here likes free food!

This week we didn’t go home teaching, because we had activities! But this next week we are going to go. I’m not sure but I think the members are happy that we come to visit! Ha there aren’t a whole lot of them! There are like 3 families that go to church every week, and then all the others rotate. But I think they are happy! Here we have been washing dishes mostly for service. No one wants to let us help them! They are embarrassed to let us do anything. It’s a lot harder to teach people here than in Hue Hue. In Hue Hue the people are a lot more accepting. But we have found a few new families and we are going to work hard with them!  

To answer your question mom, there are 3 tiny rooms in the chapel and 1 bigger one for Sacrament meeting. Then there are the bathrooms. But the chapel is super small.  But we all fit! There aren’t a whole lot of people. There are just a lot of less actives here. There are like 160 members baptized, but only like 45 go. So there is a lot of work to do with the less actives! No they don’t need to heat the chapel. Ha-ha it’s always hot here. It’s usually the perfect temperature in the chapel.

Yes I got the Christmas cards from last Christmas finally. Spanish is different here than in Mexico and other places! It will be weird to get home and hear all the accents of my friends!

No I haven’t taken pictures of our new house yet, but I will! It’s a lot smaller than the other one! But it’s nice. The shower is probably the nicest I have had in my whole mission. I’m sure there is something growing in that laundry of mine that I left at home!! But it is funny that you haven’t done it yet.  If it is there when I get home, I will do it!

This week is the hardest week in the whole year to work as a missionary. It’s Semana Santa or holy week. And everyone is on vacation and they don’t want anything to do with missionaries during this week! So we will see how it goes!! Oh by the way, we dropped Edwin! He didn’t want to progress and wanted time, which is something we don’t have, so we told him that. But we are searching for the chosen people!! We will find them! :)
Well I love you guys!!! Miss you!
Elder Carter

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