Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hola Familia! 

It’s already 70 degrees in Salt Lake? Ha it’s heating up! Easter here was pretty good! There weren’t that many problems with the missionary work this week. We had a couple visits that didn’t go through, but just like 3 that fell through, so it wasn’t too bad. We found a bunch of new investigators this week so it was a pretty good week! And we had some investigators at church! One guys name is Diego and his daughter went to church this week. Also he is super awesome! He loves to learn about the gospel and he always writes everything down that we say and scriptures we use. He is great! And we found him this week and he went to church! So we are planning on baptizing him in April! :) We will challenge him this week when he gets back from Guatemala City!

Yes we got invited to eat Easter dinner in a couple places. In the first place we ate something called pepian, maybe you can look it up on Google. But its chicken rice and this really good sauce made out of some seeds, but it’s delicious! :) And then they invited us to eat this honey stuff they make for holy week. They put tons of fruits in it and its super good! And they eat it with bread! And each day has a specific food to eat. So Friday we ate fish with the owners of our house, they are great people! And they have a ping pong table!!! They brought it out this week!! :) Ha so I got to play a little ping pong! And the branch president invited us today for tacos!! :) I will send pictures of some food and the rugs they make out of sawdust here for this holiday. 

No I never went to the Timpanogis temple! But I will have to make a run through all the ones I can when I get home! :) Well tell the elders I say hi! Ha, and Colby sounds like he has grown a little! Ha and LuLu too! That will be weird to see them when I get home! That’s great for Alex that he is engaged!

When does Chase leave for his mission?? I am pretty sure that there is a sister from my branch here in Chichi that is going to the same mission as Chase!! 

Yes, I will get to watch conference Saturday and Sunday!! :) We will watch it in Quiche because there is no satellite in Chichi. So we will be in Quiche all Saturday and Sunday! And yeah Edwin wasn’t ready to progress, but maybe he will with some other missionaries! Yeah there is primary in our branch, and there are about 10 kids but they are all together with one teacher, the wife of the Branch President. Yes it’s good for missionaries to do service projects!! That way they can gain more confidence with the neighbors! If you see Martha at 7-11 again, tell her I say hi and that I will go buy a slurpee in 5 months!! Ha-ha but I miss you guys!! Love you all!! 
Elder Carter

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