Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013


A super far walk!
Here are some pictures of one of our adventures this week in Xalbaquej super far!! We contacted a reference there. And the bridge in our area! It’s super cool.

Yes, the conference was awesome! I had a lot of questions and almost all of them got answered! I received a lot of revelation through the conference! :) What was your favorite talk? Yes, we did eat a lot on Easter and the rugs made out of sawdust are cool! They make it with colored sawdust and water so it doesn’t blow away! It’s cool to see! The sister from our branch goes to El Salvador the 1st of May so maybe they will know each other! That would be cool!

 Everyone should start out doing service when they are doing missionary work, because if you start out serving them, then they are willing to visit with you while you are working for them! Ha, but sounds like you are staying busy! :)

Conference was amazing!! We watched it in Spanish because they didn’t let us watch it in English. But it was still great!! After the first session on Saturday we ordered Dominos :) ha-ha and after the priesthood session they took us out to eat chicken! :) Then Sunday after the first session they took us to lunch. We ate chicken veggie sandwich things, chicharrones (fried pig skin) with tortillas and lime, and then they gave us bread with beans! Ha, we ate a lot!!! And they didn’t give any to the sister missionaries in our branch!! Ha-ha, they like us a lot more because we eat everything they give us and then we invite ourselves back over :) the members love that! We slept in our house those nights of conference because they had a bus that they payed to take us all home and it’s like 30 minutes in the bus from our house.

Enrique Falabella that spoke at conference was president of the area or Central America for a while, and he spoke here in our mission a few times. He is a cool guy! I thought his talk was funny too!! I don’t have a favorite conference talk! I can’t choose just one! I loved them all! And I learned a ton from all of them!

No, I haven’t seen a dentist since I came out on my mission, but my teeth seem alright, but maybe it will be like my friends brother who had a ton of cavities when he got home from his mission... ha-ha I hope not, but yeah I would like to go to the dentist when I get home.

We are teaching some investigators that are progressing. This week we found like 4 families, and we have a new plan in the mission and it is working well. It has to do with 16 progressing investigators and 8 fechas, 4 attending every week, it is intense! But it’s good! We have a lot progressing and we will be baptizing a lot here! We have a couple investigators that take us with their friends to visit! It’s awesome!! :) But I love you guys!! Miss you!!
Elder Carter

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