Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 15, 2013


Yes I loved Holland’s talks, but it was not the same in Spanish! (We had to listen to it in Spanish).  Ha-ha, you see the energy in the movements of Elder Holland and some lame Spanish voice comes out. But I really enjoyed conference! 

I think it depends on the mission president if you can do service on Saturday but here they tell us to do as much service as possible, whenever we have a chance!
Laurel is going to Boston first? That’s crazy!! But that’s cool! She will enjoy it! It will be hard for the Spanish though. 

The investigators are great!! We had 8 investigators in the sacrament meeting!! :) We should have had 2 more but their ride didn’t show up. But we have 4 baptismal dates for this Saturday! :) We are going to baptize a family after we marry them. I will send a photo the next week. It’s a family that’s super humble, and they hardly speak Spanish, they can’t read and so we always have to take some members that speak quiche with us. So we are learning a little bit of quiche for all of the references that they have given us that don’t speak Spanish. But we will have more baptisms soon!! We have some investigators that are super awesome! And they want to be baptized. We love it!

The sister missionaries make their own food! But they always give us food Sundays, and some other days. :) Yesterday they gave us a ton of food! We were stuffed! We are trying to find 3 new families every week so we can have more investigators progressing. But we are getting a lot of help from the members. In almost every visit we make, we have a member present. It’s nice and it helps a lot!

Well a drunk yelled at us in English. All of the bad words that I haven’t heard in 20 months! Ha. 

We had some great experiences and our investigators are starting to understand everything a lot better. They even take us to teach other new people. It’s great! Diego is super awesome and he has 8 hernias in his back, and it’s hard for him to walk, but he goes to church! :) He takes us with his family members as well to teach them. He will for sure be baptized! I love you guys!! Miss you! 
Elder Carter
Have a great bday Dad!! 

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