Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 24, 2013


They changed our pday until today (Wednesday) because tomorrow we are going to HueHue for a conference, and we have to stay in Quiche, so they changed it to today. 
Well the baptisms fell through. The dad’s son-in-law went to his house 2 days before the baptism, and told him a bunch of lies about the church and gave him alcohol. Sooo.. He couldn’t get baptized and we didn’t find out until Friday when the lawyer was already there to marry them, and they hadn’t shown up. So we had to go to their house to convince them to get married. And they did get married.  It was a hard weekend. It was a super emotional roller coaster. I was upset, sad, stressed and mad all at the same time and it was tough.  Because Sunday no investigators went to sacrament meeting, so I was a little frustrated. But now that guy won’t receive us, neither will his son, but his wife and daughter want to be baptized. So we will see what happens.

Yeah I registered for some new classes in addition to the ones you signed me up for. I am going to look at the land one! But I have a couple new ones that I added to the list. Thanks for checking on all of that stuff for me! But I miss you guys and love you!! We have been helping a ton of people put metal sheets on their house so the rain can’t get in! And we were working on that like 10 hours, so I am pretty burnt! But it was good to help! 

And we have some other positive investigators, so we will see when we can baptize! I love you!!
Elder Carter

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