Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013


Yes they changed our pday, but the conference in HueHue was great! I received a lot of revelation for  The conference was to help us stay excited about the work. This month we baptized 110 in the mission and it’s more then we have ever baptized in mission Xela after it divided! Crazy huh? Oh yeah, I got the package you sent a long time ago!! Thank you for the candy and everything! :) I didn’t remember that I hadn’t told you.  
And yeah Dane sent me an email!!! He is getting married August 30th, so I will be home!! That’s great for him! And he is also going to Peru he said for the summer. 

 I don’t know what time yet that I can talk to you guys on Mother’s Day, but next week I will tell you! But it’s surer at night. That’s when we always have more time. It’s crazy that this is my last call!!

They are going to divide the mission the 1st of July, so then I think I will be in the other mission. But I still have the same companion and we are getting along well! We have a bunch of good investigators. Ana Maria and Liviny are super great! They are progressing fast, and they love the church. They took us with a new family this week to visit them! And they are great! We found 2 new families and a partial family this week! And the best part is that the partial family wants to give us a ton of food!! :) Ha-ha, but the work is good! 

Love you!! I can’t believe that we are going to talk again already! Super fast! But I am excited!! 
Miss you! 
Elder Carter

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