Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hello Family! 

Yeah I got the copy of my travel itinerary for coming home next month!! I’m kind of sad!! I don’t want to leave! But there is a time for everyone I guess! The people at the 7-11 ask for me?? Ha-ha that’s hilarious! I will be there on the 23rd to visit!! :) That’s good that Joy and the family live so much closer now! It will be easier to be in good touch and help out if you can. But it sounds like they are doing well! 

At Subway last week while we were in Xela, I had the chicken bacon ranch foot long with a drink and cookies! I went all out! :) Ha it was amazing! The temple is so pretty! And the spirit was amazing there! Its great being back to having only one companion! It’s a lot better! And yes he will be my last comp, because I am training him, so it’s 2 changes for training, and this will be the second! Wow it sounds like it’s been really hot in Utah! Here it’s been a little colder but good weather, it’s been raining a lot! Like 75 degrees but sometimes it drops to 60 ish and it gets colder with the rain and wind! 

Yeah well I will miss the 4th of July with the breakfast and parade! It will be fun I’m sure!! But we are working hard!! I had one of the best weeks in the entire mission this week! We started it out going to the temple on Tuesday, super spiritual experience!! And we got a ton of great ideas there, revelation for our area! It was super amazing! We were in the Celestial room until they kicked us out! We didn’t want to leave! Then we had some excellent lesson with members present, and the spirit was super strong! then we went back to an old investigator to see how they were doing and the ladies son had started drinking again and her life was pretty much falling apart, and we helped her and lifted her up again, and to just see how people change is amazing! It is unlike anything else. She said she wants to be baptized and before that wasn’t on her mind. It’s interesting when everything goes our way we don’t search for God, but when we have problems it’s when we are closest to him! It was an amazing week! I love you! Miss you!! 
Elder Carter

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