Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013


Thank you for the Happy Birthday wish!! I can’t believe it’s my birthday again!! Ha-ha, crazy! But yes I did get the Birthday package. :) thank you!! I opened it the day we got back from the temple! Ha, but I saved a lot of the candy for tomorrow!! But thanks again for the package! It is always nice to have a little taste from home! Well today it’s the p-day before changes so everyone usually is saying goodbye, and my companion went to the capital to sign some papers, so I am here with another elder for today. I don’t think we will be doing a whole lot! 

Well Ana Maria, who is having the problems in her life, is thinking about being baptized the 20th of this month. It’s not for sure, but we have been teaching them in the house of a member named Rosa and it has been helping us a lot! She is interested in the church! She knows that there is more peace where we are than where she attends. But we are going to work super hard with her to help her get to the point to be baptized! 

That’s great for Karli’s sister Krista!! She is going to Ecuador on her mission.  Exciting for her family I’m sure!! Was it a good turn out for the 4th of July breakfast? They didn’t allow fireworks in your area??  Well I didn’t even remember it was the 4th of July because here they don’t do anything. Ha-ha, their independence day is the 15th of September. So here I didn’t even remember until my zone leader reminded me. 

Well that’s good that Jess is willing to do that for me!! :) (Go to my classes the first day). Ha, but she better be there in the airport! Are they going to release me right when I get home?? 

We have had a lot of success this week! We found 20 new investigators! And we have found a lot of families! Right now we have a good pool of investigators! And we have plans to find more this next week! We found a family of 10 people! Ha, and they let us in their house really fast! We have a problem getting the people to go to church; it’s the hardest thing in this area I think. And they have to go to church or they can’t be baptized!! So it slows up the work a little but I know that we will be taking a lot of people to church really soon!! Time is too short!! 
I love you guys!! 
Elder Carter

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